Live Your Dream: 9 Key Steps

Making dreams a reality doesn’t have to be difficult. It only requires a few things. You only get one life. So your choices matter. Pursue what brings you happiness and joy.

Successful, satisfied people know the value of dreams and visions, and they’re always working on them. In their eyes, life dreams aren’t static, isolated solutions or escape hatches from the here and now. Nor are they fantasy cure-alls or “consolation prizes” that will someday compensate them for otherwise meaningless labors. Rather, to people who are actively working on their dreams, the dream is their life.

Some of us are so busy dealing with the daily grind that we’ve lost the ability to dream, to fantasize or wonder “what if?” We may be complacent or numb, or stuck in a negative rut so deep that when little visions pop up, we wave them off without further investigation or inquiry.

Keep your dreams alive. Understand to achieve anything requires faith and belief in yourself, vision, hard work, determination, and dedication. Remember all things are possible for those who believe.” – Gail Devers

Keep learning for your dreams. Learn from your mistakes, developing a Positive Perspective. Put yourself to give your best. Learn to deal with obstacles, stay motivated, be realistic towards yours dreams, and start taking risk in favor of your dream.

Believe in your dreams. Yes it can be achieved by you. Yes it is feasible. Make your focus clear; gather all YOUR POSITIVE ENERGY. Continue reading “Live Your Dream: 9 Key Steps”

how to fight mediocrity?

a massive 95% of the population of this world is living a mediocre existence. is it because they think it is not easy to come out of their slumber and sit among the elite 5%? or is the mere thought of being out their at the top puts them under a spell of discomfort? it really shouldn’t be that difficult to be successful in life and live at your optimum best. yes, to sustain the levels of success could certainly take its toll on you.

the opposite of mediocrity is excellence. and although it is not really possible to achieve excellence in everything simultaneously (unless you are leonardo da vinci), it is definitely possible to excel in few chosen things at a time. and therefore, it is important to first know what is it that you want. until you know what you truly desire, it is impossible to commit yourself to the work needed to get there. vague visions lead to vague results. and so, your vision has to be crystal clear.

most of the people do not have a vision at all. they live life in present and take on each moment as it comes to them. they have no plans for the future and they don’t anticipate anything. they simply get the basic education, graduate, take up any job, and spend their life working the same shift everyday. they succeed in life to some limited extent, are moderately satisfied, and stay mediocre for the rest of their lives. they stop growing.

following maybe the reasons why people are satisfied with mediocrity?
1. most of their time is consumed in the daily household chores and they do not actually take time out for thinking about their life and business.
2. they think that they lack the proper resources or contacts or education required to bring in change, and they believe that they don’t have the required set skills to succeed and that they are not good enough.

but the truth is startling. 99% of households in the united states have a tv set and families spent an average of 5 hours per day watching the television. i believe that to be the root of mediocrity: the idiot box. if the time we spend on the tv is spent on ourselves to become better everyday, everyone can come out a star.

it is all about what habits you inculcate in your daily routine. small daily activities lead to great long term results, be it positive or negative. e.g. if you walk daily for an hour at a brisk pace, you will have a slim body in 2 years, and if you eat a hamburger everyday for 2 years, you will have a pot belly in 2 years. the way you get out of mediocrity is by engaging in regular habits and processes that push you out of mediocre habits.

the only way you can improve your life is by improving your own self in all fronts: physically, mentally, emotionally, financially, and so forth. you cannot expect life to yield you good results if you are not working on yourself. you will see a drastic change in your life the day you start putting effort toward developing yourself. you will see how quickly you attract positive results when you are working on yourself. you will think better and feel better about yourself.

thus, to fight mediocrity you must:

  • get out of your bed early morning and start moving (exercise).
  • take a shower and meditate for at least 10 minutes (with gratitude, you may include your prayers here).
  • prepare a time table and prioritize tasks for each day in the morning itself (*productivity journal* include your dreams/long terms goals here and review them everyday).
  • go to work with a wide smile on your face and give your 100% in whatever you do (a job done well is a fulfilling experience). take adequate breaks between work.
  • in the evening, go back to your journal and evaluate your day (check out the tasks done, note the best things that happened during the day, record your thoughts on the day).
  • go to bed early but before you sleep, tell yourself that you are becoming better everyday, that you are moving out of mediocrity and heading toward excellence (visualize your dreams coming true).

go, live your dreams!


just be – you are enough

often times we find ourselves pondering over whether we are good enough. we drown ourselves deep into the darkness questioning our self-worth. and it mostly happens when we witness other people doing better than us. it is an ugly thought as it leaves us cursing ourselves for not being something that we are not.

imperfection is seen as a trait of guilt. we feel shameful at our imperfection. we forget that we are merely humans, not angels or idealistic utopian characters of some fictional world. reality is absurd and things are not perfect all the time. and so it becomes important that we remind ourselves that we are enough, no matter how imperfect we may appear to ourselves. and that is how we can remain ourselves in all situations.

authenticity is superior to perfection. it is all about how authentic you are despite being imperfect. it is important to be vulnerable because vulnerability lets your imperfections be seen and allows you to connect with other authentic beings. being yourself may just be the best thing you can do to yourself. it removes all stress and doubts when we find ourselves comfortable in our own skin.

each and every individual on this planet earth is a unique being and has an identity of his/her own. where we tend to fall is when we start comparing ourselves with others, and it becomes a reason of our misery. we must understand that everyone is running their own race and is struggling in one way or the other, and therefore, comparison does not make any sense. instead, if one at all costs wants to compare oneself with others, one must do so with those who are leading troublesome, difficult lives. this way, you would consider yourself luckier to have a better life.

viktor frankl, in his book “man’s search for meaning”, speaks about such perspective way of thinking, as he shares his experience in the nazi concentration camp. he describes it as his psycho-therapeutic method that involves identification of a new purpose in your life to think positive about, and then imagining that positive outcome. one may call it as a dream sequence that lacks reality, but such an identification really helps in most distressing times. in the book, frankl describes an incident when while in the concentration camp, he witnessed a prisoner being taken away to the cells, and how frankl wished himself to be that prisoner, a life that seemed better to a nazi occupation victim. get the book here.

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so, you see, whenever in doubt or not at your best, you must look at the positive perspectives to your life. you must find something that can uplift you instantly, some future goal or hope. you must believe that something different can happen, and you must never lose such hope. you must continue to think high in the most discouraging circumstances. and most important of all, you must simply be yourself and believe that you’re enough in this entire cosmos of amazement.


top 3 books on self-help in 2017

we are always striving to get better, to grow ourselves into the best version of ourselves, and the best way to do that is by consistently learning new ideas. growth takes time and effort. a person that does not acknowledge the novel ideas around him, shall lag behind those who capture these ideas and work on them.

if you want to lead your field and if you want to become the best version of yourself, the following books may be of great help to you. these are the top three best selling books on self-help in 2017.

I can’t make this up: Life Lessons by Kevin Hart.

kevin is a hollywood box-office star and is one of the best comedians ever. however, he wasn’t born that way. he was an unwanted child of his criminal father and his cruel punishing mother. he was raised under difficult circumstances and could have easily become a resentful person. but he chose to be somebody that frees people off their concerns. this is a must read book if you want a new perspective to your life. after reading this book, you will definitely feel more joyful, blessed, and free.

The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F**k: A Counterintuitive Approach to Living a Good Life by Mark Manson.

mark is a successful blogger turned author. in this book, he talks about how you can easily reset your life by being concerned about a few important things only that matter to you the most, and avoiding or not giving a f**k about the things that do not matter to you, for example, how people would react etc. basically, this books frees you from always being pissed off at things that do not really determine your happiness or misery. the book can really be helpful to those who are always trying to please other people and eventually fade out their own interests.

The 5-Second Rule by Mel Robbins: 

this one book can drastically change your habits when it comes to getting a work done. it deals with one of the most important subject of our lives when it comes to self-development and that is procrastination. how many times we let go of a new idea that strikes us and prompts us to act upon it. mel robbins is a successful life coach who helps people achieving their goals. she has included her brightest of ideas to place the reader into action mode. this book can be life transforming for people who wish to act upon their dreams but lack the motivation. a must read if you want to see yourself doing some epic work without wasting any further time.

i hope these three books bring you great results this year. but remember that knowledge not put in action is of no value, and so you must work hard on your learned wisdom. paulo coelho writes it best when he says:

“the world is changed by your example, not your opinion.”

wish you a great happy life!




how authentic are you

today’s times are tragic times. why? because image has become greater than reality. people often turn towards appearances, without realizing that looks are deceptive. authenticity is rarely valued and superficiality and artificiality has become the realm of the modern existence.

people no longer crave for art or intelligence. they are happy to go after the pseudo stereotypes that are prevalent, glossy and loud. i’m talking about the masses here. there are a few exceptions, of course. but largely, if you see, you find chaos, distractions, people following crap. The kind of songs we get to hear these days, especially the rap/hip hop ones, full of crap talk, it makes us hard to believe that it is the same country that have produced singers like kishore kumar and mohd rafi and musicians like SD burman and shankar jaikishan.

Now, you may call it collective stupidity or anything else, that’s what has doomed India’s progress on an international scale. Whereas in America, the masses are full of new startups and the youth is coming up with new ideas to change the world, in india, we are caught up in petty politics on the basis of caste and religion. We have leaders who are bent upon restoring the ancient practices back at the contemporary stage and we have youth in large numbers who blindly follow the traditional images of power and do not acknowledge democracy. During the day, these goons work in groups and assert power on innocent people on the basis of a specific traditional customs, and in the night, these goons criminally exploit and loot. Under such circumstances, where does one expect new ideas from the youth, where is the question of growth and meeting global standards.

Because everything has been commercialized, politics is no different. Politics is a good career option in india due to rampant corruption. A good candidate for politics just needs to have a great criminal background and several contact links in the existing government. That’s all and then your victory at the polls is confirmed.

Media plays an important role in this image and reality game. Being a part of the same commercialized structure of the capitalist economy of the country, media has to project and maintain an image that resounds with the general public, I.e. The masses, because if you can’t please the masses, you can’t keep the govt happy. Just like the masala movies, media has to add some masala to the news in order to feed the stupidity of mass audiences.

Tv channels are not so distinct domain from the media. In fact, they both fall under the same ballpark. Their most important value is TRP and they are willing to debase themselves to any level in order to maintain the TRP. Hence, the chaos. Now, the people like me, those who don’t watch TV, are blessed souls, because we can think, create and imagine new ideas. But the majority, the larger masses are devoid of this sensation. They are tragically trapped into the same blend of negative masala services that blind and numb.

I hope they come out of this trance and think for themselves what they are capable of dreaming and achieving. I hope india matures to be a world leader. Remember, there’s immense potential that lacks execution.

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to spectate without a skeptical eye is to endure a potato existence

you must have seen potato. the ugly, lame, and shapeless vegetable. potatoes don’t question a thing. they’re almost colorless and easily blendable with almost everything.

that’s the image that comes across my mind when i witness the urban crowd with their office bags rushing for work every morning. man was not always like that. oh no. he was once a free soul. there were times when man was independent, working for himself in the countryside, fishing in the morning, sleeping in the afternoon, playing with his kids in the evening, and partying at night with drinks, music, and dance. man was happy. how did the man become a potato then? how?

well, industrialization and globalization through capitalism has taken its toll on man. money has become the supreme value of existence. the idea of capitalism is strategically placed in this world by some cunning fellas that wish to reign it over. why, if man is always after making a living for himself and his family, he has no time to wonder about existential concerns or to question his allowed rights or responsibilities. in a communist state though, man is free of the obligations of earning and can sustain on the collective surplus. thus here he has all the time to ponder over meaninglessness of his existence on earth.

similar is the case of sports. national and international level sports and games were invented to keep people’s attention away from the important concerns of the world so that man remains busy in entertaining himself with the sports watching the idiot box while his country’s wealth is being taken over by a hefty few. the people in power know exactly how to keep the people happy and silent.

the art of deception is lucidly played against the people. media is another huge machinery working under this deception. poor potatoes who believe in media are kept in the dark by diversion of their attention to trivial matters. the people remain aloof to the most important issues at hand and are not at all skeptical about the government’s moves, which ultimately works against the people, as the government remains unquestioned.

today’s man, thus, has been successfully turned into a potato. his vegetable existence does not raise questions of any considerable weight. he is always engaged in his daily mundane activities like a Sisyphus at work with herd mentality. whatever little time he gets, after securing a three time meal for himself and his family, is spent carelessly over the idiot box that keeps up with his potatoic idiocy.

where is the question of questioning then? and what is the need? the world is still being run and it will continue to find its runners in future too. the potatoes must not give a fuck. after all, nobody follows the constitution and it is not actually the potatoes that are in power as it says; they are merely puppets at the hands of the rulers, the so-called servants. so the potatoes sit back and relax, and stop thinking about it altogether while the national health and wealth is put at stake.