Imagining positivity- Victor Frankl

Imagining positivity- Victor Frankl

often times we find ourselves pondering over whether we are good enough. we drown ourselves deep into the darkness questioning our self-worth. and it mostly happens when we witness other people doing better than us. it is an ugly thought as it leaves us cursing ourselves for not being something that we are not.

imperfection is seen as a trait of guilt. we feel shameful at our imperfection. we forget that we are merely humans, not angels or idealistic utopian characters of some fictional world. reality is absurd and things are not perfect all the time. and so it becomes important that we remind ourselves that we are enough, no matter how imperfect we may appear to ourselves. and that is how we can remain ourselves in all situations.

authenticity is superior to perfection. it is all about how authentic you are despite being imperfect. it is important to be vulnerable because vulnerability lets your imperfections be seen and allows you to connect with other authentic beings. being yourself may just be the best thing you can do to yourself. it removes all stress and doubts when we find ourselves comfortable in our own skin.

each and every individual on this planet earth is a unique being and has an identity of his/her own. where we tend to fall is when we start comparing ourselves with others, and it becomes a reason of our misery. we must understand that everyone is running their own race and is struggling in one way or the other, and therefore, comparison does not make any sense. instead, if one at all costs wants to compare oneself with others, one must do so with those who are leading troublesome, difficult lives. this way, you would consider yourself luckier to have a better life.

viktor frankl, in his book “man’s search for meaning”, speaks about such perspective way of thinking, as he shares his experience in the nazi concentration camp. he describes it as his psycho-therapeutic method that involves identification of a new purpose in your life to think positive about, and then imagining that positive outcome. one may call it as a dream sequence that lacks reality, but such an identification really helps in most distressing times. in the book, frankl describes an incident when while in the concentration camp, he witnessed a prisoner being taken away to the cells, and how frankl wished himself to be that prisoner, a life that seemed better to a nazi occupation victim. (get the book here.)

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so, you see, whenever in doubt or not at your best, you must look at the positive perspectives to your life. you must find something that can uplift you instantly, some future goal or hope. you must believe that something different can happen, and you must never lose such hope. you must continue to think high in the most discouraging circumstances. and most important of all, you must simply be yourself and believe that you’re enough in this entire cosmos of amazement.


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